Ben and I wrote short comedy videos starring Michael Buble and Ed Helms, for Buble’s upcoming NBC special A Michael Buble Christmas. NBC just posted this short; the others will be on the show. I’m a big fan of both of these guys, so it was very exciting to get to write for them.

Fans of silly names will be happy to hear that their 70s alter-egos are named Frank Valhalla and Rogers Duffy.

PS: Thanks to Entertainment Weekly for the write-up!

Here’s one of the sketches I directed/edited that will air during Michael Bublé’s NBC Christmas Special on December 6th. Dan and Ben killed it with these scripts and everyone on the production side worked their butts off to get this thing made in a quick turn around. This is one of the few sketches I’ve directed and edited that still make me laugh after spending weeks working on it. Enjoy and tune in on December 6th to see the rest!

I directed a few sketches starring Michael Bublé and Ed Helms that will air during Michael Bublé’s Christmas special on NBC, Tuesday December 6th. Be sure to tune in to see some funny short sketches written by Dan Gurewitch and Ben Joseph, produced by Creighton, and Directed/Edited by myself. Helms was absolutely hilarious and Bublé totally held his own. It was a pretty surreal shoot for a bunch of reasons not least of which was the amazing costumes/hair and make up Michael and Ed were in all day.

And no I have no idea if my name will be in the credits.