Film students, present and past, please enjoy this sketch written by me and Dan Gurewitch.

A favorite sketch written by two of my favorite sketch written-ers ever.

This is really amazing… and frighteningly accurate.

Here’s a video I directed poking fun at Film School and all the silly things we used to do. It was written by Emily and Dan, produced by Creighton, edited by Nick, VO by Kelly, and shot by Carl. 

This was super fun to direct because I got to throw in a lot of homages to films my friends and I made. For instance the titles: “If Nick” and “Sorrowful Repentance” are two titles of shorts I made in college (I know). The title “Friday Night Riot” is a throw back to the public access show my friends and I had in high school called, “Tuesday Night Riot.” The shots in the, “Life In The Key Of A-Minor” are all similar to a couple of movies I made in high school and my good friend Bryan made Freshman year of college. Also Bryan makes a guest appearance as Bertrand Peffercorn. 

And my favorite homage is the title, “Miles Apart”, which is a reference to a student film my friend Travis directed in college. The film starred a young Josh Ruben and Sam Reich who, at the time, I didn’t know and now I work with. Enjoy it and Reblog it!

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    Here’s a video I directed poking fun at Film School and all the silly things we used to do. It was written by Emily and...
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    I’m so curious who took home the award for “most number of empty beer cans and/or liquor bottles scattered around an...
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    This video just straight out made my day. I could not stop laughing because every time I see awards shows now it seems...
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    I don’t know why I found this so funny
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    The Student Film Awards.
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    This is absolute genius encapsulated! My personal favorite touch is the pillar-boxed, obviously F’d up aspect ratio on...
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    How did they not cover “Chasing a guy carrying a briefcase (preferably through a parking garage or dorm building)”? I...
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